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Exhibitions in Kidagil

The first car ever to cross Sprengisandur F26

The first car trip was across Sprengisand in August 1933. It was a great adventure trip. You can view pictures and read stories from the trip at the exhibition in Kidagili, which was set up in 2003, when 70 years had passed since this trip.

The landscape

Videos of waterfalls and beautiful nature around us.

Outlaws in Ódáðahraun

The exhibition Outlaws in Ódáðahraun was opened on June 17, 2008. It gives an insight into the life of Icelandic outlaws, especially in the vicinity of Ódáðahraun, taking into account legends and oral histories from all over the country.

Local birds

Videos of the bird life around us. You can also find the eggs of various birds.

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