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You can also have the starters as a main course

Creamy mushroom soup   2.250 isk/2.600 isk

Creamy vegetabla soup   1.950 isk/2.300 isk

Smoked trout   2.550 isk/3.350 isk

Salad   1.990 isk/2.750 isk

You can also have the burgers double
Burgers are served with French fries
Main courses

Icelandic fillet of lamb   4.900 isk

Roasted cod   4.300 isk

Beef fillet   5.300 isk

Vegetable dishes

Cheeseburger sauce, cheese and lettuce  2.350/2.990 isk

Baconburger bbq sauce, lettuce, onion, bacon and cheese 2.650/3.300 isk

Bárðardalur style sauce, lettuce, cheese, bacon and egg  2.750/3.400 isk

Lambburger chive dressing, lettuce, mushrooms and cheese  2.750/3.450 isk

Kiðagilsborgari sauce, lettuce, mushroom, onion, tomatoes and cheese  3.150 isk

Vegetable lasagne   3.050 isk

Vegetable burger  2.250 isk

Peanut steak   3.350 isk

Other food

Homemade bread   890 isk

Side salad   490 isk

French fries   770 isk

Grilled sandwich   1.250 isk

Ketchup, Icelandic cocktail sauce, mayonnaise   200 isk


Homemade blueberry icecream   1.540 isk    

Rhubarb pie  1.390 isk

Chocolate cake   1.620 isk 

Crowberry cheese cake   1.500 isk 

Blueberry pie   1.690 isk

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